Cellular Material

Procedures to Obtain BCLQ Samples

    1. Your project must be approved for the current year by your ethics committee (please email the ethics approval to Mr. François Béliveau: bclq@ssss.gouv.qc.ca).
    2. Complete and sign the “request form”.
    3. Prepare a complete scientific summary of the project (minimum of one page, word document).
    4. These documents must be adequately identified :
      • Name of the researcher
      • Date
      • Title of document (ethic approval, form for cellular material, scientific summary)

The project will be submitted to our scientific committee.

  1. The researcher must sign 2 copies of the Material Transfer Agreement (prepared by the BCLQ).
  2. Total fees will be :
    • Cellular material preparation fees (prices are on our web site)
    • Plus shipping fees
Material Preparation Fees
Available Samples
Request Form