Cellular Material

Procedures to Obtain BCLQ Samples

Researchers affiliated with Quebec academic research centers as well as their Canadian or international collaborators working in academic institutions can make a request.

    1. Your project must be approved for the current year by your ethics committee (please email the ethics approval to Mr. François Béliveau: bclq@ssss.gouv.qc.ca).
    2. Complete and sign the “request form”.
    3. Prepare a complete scientific summary of the project (minimum of one page, word document).
    4. These documents must be adequately identified :
      • Name of the researcher
      • Date
      • Title of document (ethic approval, form for cellular material, scientific summary)

The project will be submitted to our scientific committee.

  1. The researcher must sign the Material Transfer Agreement (prepared by the BCLQ).
  2. Total fees will be :
    • Cellular material preparation fees (prices are on our web site)
    • Plus shipping fees
Material Preparation Fees
Available Samples
Request Form