Main missions

The main missions of the Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank are:

  1. To set up a bank of well-characterized human blood tumor cells. The constitutional DNA is also stored for the majority of samples. A computerized databank includes all laboratory tests performed on these specimens, as well as the corresponding clinical data. Before this bank was created, the absence of access to adequate blood tumor specimens severely hampered our researchers’ efforts to competitively pursue their work. Also, the availability of these specimens now makes it possible to establish an essential link between the basic and clinical research communities.
  2. Provide chromosomal analysis by conventional cytogenetics and spectral karyotyping (SKY) for human and mouse cells.
  3. Contribute to the training of specialized staff and students.

Program Objectives

The program’s objectives are:

  1. Understanding the mechanisms involved in hematological malignancies
  2. Developing tools and expertise to:
    • Facilitate the work of researchers in hematology, oncology and immunology
    • Facilitate blood cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatments
  3. Developing new therapies for hematological cancers