Description of the Research Program

The Industrielle-Alliance research chair in Leukemia is instrumental to the Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank’s operations, especially as it pertains to the support it provides for the “Leucegene” project.

The “Leucegene” Project

The BCLQ is at the core of a major genomic and personalized medicine program for acute leukemia : The Leucegene Project. This project is headed by Drs Guy Sauvageau (Project Leader, IRIC) and Josée Hébert (Co-Project Leader, HMR Research Centre). It involves researchers from the IRIC and HMR, as well as researchers from the Université Laval and McGill.

This research program focuses on acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a cancer that remains a major cause of death. The overall survival of adult patients with AML is only about 28%. Current prognostic tests remain inaccurate for assessing the risk of relapse and directing therapy for approximately 30% of patients with AML.

The project entitled “Interrogating and implementing Omics for acute myeloid leukemia” is funded by Genome-Quebec and Genome-Canada (2018-2022).

The research objectives of the Leucegene group are:

1- Characterize the genetic abnormalities of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and improve the molecular classification of this cancer using next generation sequencing techniques;

2- Identify, develop and validate new prognostic and predictive markers in this cancer;

3- Develop new precision therapies for AML, including new chemical molecules and therapeutic antibodies, using chemogenomics and proteomic approaches.

The new therapeutic approaches and new clinical tests developed in this project will have a very important impact for patients with AML, improving their quality of life and survival.

Holder: Josée Hébert M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)

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